Thanasis Protatos is a freelance film director and cinematographer from Greece. With an eye for visual art, he shoots fiction , documentary, corporate and event films, with a contemporary approach. 

"The best storytellers make the personal feel universal, and the universal feel personal. Go too far in one direction and the story becomes inaccessible, unrelatable. Go the other way and it becomes bland and cliched. But get it just right and one person’s story becomes something fascinating both in its individual details and its wider resonance."

Thanasis Protatos Film Director Cinematographer

His work is featured in film festivals around the world. He has been awarded with the prestigious Award of Excellence for his feature documentary "the Journey" (2013) , by the Accolade Film Competition , in California , USA. As a member of Trepieds creative team , he is credited as a director and editor in the making of "Royal Red"(2014), a feature documentary film featuring prince's Lakshyaraj Singh Royal wedding in Udaipur , India. He has directed and produced four short films (fiction). The Pencil (2014), Versus (2015), The Date (2017) and Whistle (2023).

His latest work, WHISTLE project is an experiment in visual art, that explores concepts such as collective storytelling, by incorporating different kinds of visual mediums, into one story/narrative.

He is a member of WEVA and IMDb. He is also a DP , an editor , a visual fx artist and a musician.